Penny Auction Site Winners…what’s the cost?


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Bildschirmfoto 2012-01-24 um 19.54.31 I have been reading blogs and looking up reviews on the penny auction sites. I’m finding there are people who like the competition penny auctions and the “MAYBE I CAN WIN” strategies have to offer. Are people aware of the hassle, the time and extra fees it takes to “Win” while they are gazing at the elusive bargain? Getting a bargain shopping at the good-ol Goodwill and Salvation Army stores or wearin’ your granddad’s clothes are always a sure bet.

When you place your “Penny” bid on an auction site, there are additional fees, anywhere from 60 cents to a dollar or more tacked on to each single penny bid. So the penny auction is now 61 cents to over a dollar. Like the gambling tables at the casino it is just that – a gamble and it has a cost. When people can knock down prices for their favorite high-end products without the gamble and adrenal rush, the winning factor is guaranteed.

On platforms like no one wins anything (WHAT?) You simply “DROP” 25 cents to peek at your fav item’s price and buy the product if the price is right or wait till more people reduce it even further. It’s a win-win situation for every participant without the added costs, bells, whistles and timers. the community platform includes the fast pace competitive race with other participant to knock down prices and you will be a part of a cooler strategy, so you or others can have the lowest prices available. Join the community of reduction-shoppers. You don’t lose any pennies when you buy items there.

See ya there


CHEAP ELECTRONICS? Is that possible?


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check out my price ...lower than market cost

check out my price …lower than market cost

Yes it is…


It’s a community effort at, the prices are reduced by you and your neighbor taking a peek at the items price which causes the prices to DROP! It is a simple strategy, check it out and see you can buy your item at any time you like the price.

THE DROPOPP TEAM be a part of the new way to shop, community style 😉



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yuk! shop indoors instead

yuk! shop indoors instead

It’s SPRING time again for most of us and that means rainy gloomy days. Who wants to go out shopping and get wet lugging in bags from the car? Nobody.

Thanks to online shopping we can escape some of the painful parts of shopping in yukky weather, avoiding your favorite pumps from getting soakers and your new du getting ruined. Yes, you can shop online for almost anything these days, there are online organic foods delivery services in some areas which I think is a fabulous idea darling, and not too expensive. They will deliver your organic foods directly to your door, here’s one I found, so cool…

This organic delivery service is fairly new biz, but spreading like wildfire. I remember doing it hands on as a young gal in our community. We would grow the food from seeds in our church garden, and deliver the harvest directly to the needy families in our neighborhood…back then it was a free service and of course no one knew what a computer was well, maybe NASA.

Organic delivery is not available everywhere yet, but you can investigate and see who provides it in your town, and hey, what an opportunity if you are looking to become an entrepreneur, start your own organic food delivery service.

At we search out the best tips and information and relay them to our customers, helping them find ways to get the highest quality products and services available. A healthy stress-less life is our goal, to enjoy each day to the fullest and help our fellow-man, woman and child, that is our mission!

HAPPY SPRING…wear your goloshes!


DROP the price like its HOT!

Click on your price tag...lowers the price!

Click on the price tag to see new lower price!

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 14.59.47 With one “drop” (a quarter) gives you a peek at an items’ price, it is at that moment reduced by the increment of 25cents. Now times x that by many visitors checkin’ out prices, and you got yourself an awesome product at a substantially reduced price. You can buy any item at any time, there are no timers, bells, whistles, winners or losers, just a whole lotta price reductions goin’ on…thats how we work together at

Workin’ together droppin’ prices, so everyone has the opportunity for a great deal!




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Save some of this baby!

Yep, we are the place where you shop along side your friends and neighbors, a co-op shop, where everyone helps reduce prices of the coolest and most wanted high-end items. While you shop you help your online community save cash and what goes around comes around!

This is how it works folks:

Just purchase a package of “drops” at look at your favorite item(s) and with action, the price drops by an increment of 25 cents. This idea brought to you by a German engineer and you know those guys are innovative and know how to save $$. Help your neighbor and help yourself, get the lowest prices on most wanted products, it’s that easy.

check out the iPads and Q-Links

sign up at


CHEMICAL ALLERGIES to your cleaning products?


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Our bodies cannot take the overload of toxins the environment exposes us to on a daily basis, so lets not subject ourselves any further with our household cleaners.

There’s a new “Old fashioned” way to think, less is more. What did Grandma clean with? Oh yeah vinegar, newspaper, Borax, lemons, the list is endless and she got the job done! Try making your own cleaners simple, cheap and safe…

Here is a list of just some of the economical environmentally safe products you can make yourself at home for cheap.

Baking soda – cleans and deodorizes, softens water, scours pots, pans and tubs.

Lemons – one of the stronest food-acids, effective against most household bacteria.

Borax – found at your grocery store cheap (grandmas secret sodium borate) cleans, deodorizes, disinfects, softens water, cleans wallpaper, painted walls and floors of course laundry!

White vinegar – diluted in water, cuts grease, removes mildew, odors, some stains and wax build-up.

Washing Soda – (Sal Soda) is sodium carbonate decahydrate, a mineral. Cuts grease, removes stains, softens water, cleans walls, tiles, sinks, and tubs. This can irritate mucous membranes if used without ventilation or just put on a mask when using.

Isopropyl Alcohol – an excellent disinfectant do not ingest of course.

Cornstarch – from baby’s bottom to making gravy this can also be used to clean windows, polish furniture and shampoo carpets.

Is Borax Safe? Borax is considered a mild skin irritant similar to baking soda. The MSDS lists borax as a health hazard of 1, similar to salt and baking soda. Use of borax for home cleaning formulas, where no borax is ingested, has not been shown to pose health hazards. Borax is a natural substance which is non-carcinogenic, does not accumulate in the body, or absorb through the skin. It is not harmful to the environment.

All purpose cleaner: Mix 1/2 c of vinegar and 1/4 c of baking soda (or 2 tsp of borax) into 1/2 gallon water. You can store this and it will keep for a long time. Use on bathroom chrome fixtures, hard water stains shower doors, bathroom mirrors.

Air freshener: Baking soda or vinegar with lemon juice in small dishes placed around the house, also orange peels in a bowl are lovely…you will have to change them after a week or so. Simmer vinegar on the stove while cooking fish will neutralize the air. Have live house plants, they add to the positive fragrance of a home.

Bathroom mold: Yuk! This can be a health concern causing allergies and more, get rid of by mixing one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water in a spray bottle use on mold areas. Wait one hour before rinsing or using the shower.

Drain Cleaner: Mix 1/2 c of salt in 4 liters water, heat but not boil and pour down the drain. For stronger cleaning pour 1/2c of baking soda, then 1/2 c of vinegar. The chemical reaction will break down fatty acids into soap and glycerine, allowing clog to wash down the drain. (only use on metal plumbing, plastic pipes can be harmed). Do not use with commercial drain cleaners, it can cause dangerous chemical fumes.

These are just some of the home made concoctions that are safe, cheap and simple to use without the chemical toxic worry.

Good luck and happy non-allergy season!


Staying Happy… vitamins and testing for the right ones


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Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 15.08.00

We are all waiting for a break, we’ve been good little girls and boys, now it’s Easter Bunny time and still no daffodils or warm temps. Okay Spring we’ll give you one more week to come out and show your shining face. So that means everyone is getting cranky by now, what to do about our lack of happy sunshiny attitude?

For starters happiness is an inside job, so down the hatch with Vitamin d-3 for one and how about a B-complex that will help lift some of the blues. A good nights rest also helps, before bed how about some calcium and magnesium, make sure you eat with this supplement so it get assimilated into your blood stream correctly.

A low Thyroid can be a cause of the blues also add a little kelp or some natural iodine drops to your diet. Not all iodine supplements are created equal, take a walk down the aisle of your health food store and ask many questions. When choosing your supplements you must take extra care that it will be the right one for your body. I use a simple muscle test. You can ask the health store employee if they are qualified to do this for you or bring a friend to help you.

How to muscle test?   First step…remove all electrical influences such as cell phones, jewelry, keys any metals that will conduct electric frequencies or distract from your test and give you an improper reading. Use an indicator muscle (arm or leg, if sitting) hold it straight out and then have the tester place his hand on your wrist or ankle and one on your shoulder to make a conduit, then he will push down the indicator muscle… feel the strength of the muscle it should hold in place, then place a cell phone or sugar in the person’s hand or have them hold it in the middle of their chest (thymus gland) the result should be a weakening in the indicator arm or muscle. Now you have established a negative and positive result (if you do not get a negative result when holding cell phone have the person drink water, this will fix their polarity). Ready to test for your supplements? Now place the supplement or food you wish to purchase in your hand or near the thymus gland (center of chest) and see if the person’s arm is strong or weak by pushing down slightly. You do not have to wrestle the person just a medium push to see if they are strong or if they are weak with the supplement. A strong result means the supplement or food is a match with your energy and can be taken. If the test proves a weak muscle your body says it is not a match,  you may have an allergy to this product do not ingest.

That sounds crazy and looks even crazier, but you will see more and more people doing this test in the stores and restaurants. My Chiropractor told a story of how his daughter had to have him test everything that went in her mouth. He said she went a little over board but she also had allergies to food so it kept her safe and from immune reactions which were even more embarrassing.



EARTHING… what is it?


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Not just for the Hippies anymore, Earthing is for anyone who lives on this planet. Thanks to the new age of technology, we are filled with electromagnetic frequencies. Unless you are living on a deserted island (where is that)? You’ve been under the pulse of these harmful EMF’s, and we must take responsibility of our bodies by keeping them healthy and EMF free, as much as we can that is.

What is Earthing? Getting rid of those nasty frequencies that can do major damage to our bodies from using/wearing cell phones, living near power transformers, our lap tops sitting on our…laps. This behavior is setting our bodies up for illnesses, yeasts, fungus and some cancers such as leukemia. Since technology has turned us into electro-techno junkies, we are now inundated with these not-so good vibrations. How do we fight these unseen violators, these silent predators? The human body has an electro magnetic frequency of its own and is vulnerable to outside frequencies and can put it out of balance. Each cell, tissue and organ resonates at a certain megahertz and that number can relay to us the health or illness of a particular organ or cell. There are many different machines such as the ASYRA that can be used in diagnosing or understanding these number. A natural path or alternative health practitioner can guide you in this area if you are interested.

We can return our bodies to balance with this simple way of EARTHING. Getting rid of these unwanted voltages is easier than you think, just by standing barefoot in the grass or if weather doesn’t permit, the concrete in your garage will do the job of discharging these EMF’s. Think of a car battery when you put it on cement the energy discharges hmmm? It works just this way.

If you are too busy to stand a half an hour in the grass or the snow just won’t stop coming down (whats with that hey)? There is a great product for you, no this is not a commercial. There is a real problem that is causing people illness and immune dysfunction, it’s not natural to be cuddled up to your computer or cell phone 24/7 so if we don’t address the issue your body will feel the negative results somehow and all the sudden you are sick. Take out some insurance, promise yourself a least a half an hour barefoot in the park (don’t step in doggie doo doo) or wear a Q-link that can deflect these harmful “freqs” freaks from your body.

Check out the Q-Link it’s wearable and looks cool too, people will ask “where’d ya get that Frank” and Frank will say “Why from good buddie” Frank is from the South 😉 but we will can send them anywhere in the world you live… thanks to the age of technology.





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Thanks Starkville Community!

It was a windy day but you managed to help get those diapers to the Life Choices Center in Columbus Mississippi. It is a labour of love when someone goes to the store and picks up diapers, drops them off in the middle of their busy Sunday, we realize this and are very grateful!

A special Thanks to Miss Ida from Life Choices, who’s passion is for families in our community to be happy and healthy. Also a big Thank you to Pastor Jason Minor and his lovely wife for the blessing…Vanessa your energy and love is amazing! Together we make a difference…

To all who donated to the Diaper Drop, a big Huggie to you.


IMAG3891diaper d

Diaper Drop 3rd Annual…


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babies in need, no butts about it!

babies in need, no butts about it!

It’s that time again when we roll up our sleeves and …well, we’ll leave the changing of the babies up to mom & dad, but we can help supply the diapers for needy families.

With the communities help, Sunday March 10th will hold their 3rd Annual diaper drop in the beautiful city of Starkville Mississippi. Where the folks are friendly and love to lend a helping hand to their neighbor.

We supply the hot dogs and beverages, we ask you donate a box or bag of diapers to the cause. Just stop on by the Sportsplex at 405 lynn Lane 1-4pm in Starkville Mississippi, or go online to the website and you can donate to a family of your choice in need. 

All proceeds will be donated to The Columbus MS. Life Choices Crisis Pregnancy Center.

We can change the world, by changing one baby at a time!

See ya’ll there


diaperdrop 2nd annual