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I heard somewhere (in an elevator) and many other places, that 2014 is going to be the best year ever…

For Money, Health, medical break throughs, great new ideas to help heal our planet, a new year for communities working together. In some realms they say we’re coming into “The Age of Enlightenment and Peace”…Are they talking about planet Earth? I sure hope so.

With the fall of cities like Detroit, brings new innovative ideas on how to build a better more efficient working community. The people who are left in the city are picking up the pieces and putting them together in a new and old-fashioned way. The ideas and energy from people who can’t afford to move, like many of their neighbors, just sprung them into a new way of thinking. These people have revitalized their thoughts, visions,  and are applying their man and woman power into reality, and that energy is creating a new life for their communities!

There’s a writing contest called “Write a House” founded by Toby Barlow who grew up in a writers colony in the Adirondack Mountains, being familiar with writers clubs he brought this contest to Detroit. It’s a new carrot and stick idea, which Detroit and many other cities could use to bring creative, productive people back to these fallen neighborhoods. If chosen, the winner will be able to live (rent free) in a Detroit house for two years. After becoming a part of the neighborhood, mingling their artistic energies and raising hope for the future (and keeping up the yard and house of course) the house will be given to the writer free and clear. This is just one of the great ideas people are coming up with…ONWARD Toby!

Back to tradition, the simpler ways  have always worked, combining the new and the old ideas with the young and old-er people, with that combination we get wisdom and strength, creating a new beginning where there was thought only to be an end.

A new world energy comes from the people’s visions, beliefs, hope and can’t forget hard WORK! We must keep in mind that we all reside in the same neighborhood (PLANET EARTH) . WE can change the old ways of thinking, lack and hate for abundance and love…We bring in the new Energy, it’s up to each one of us…Lets do this!

Think of a new innovative way to bring light to your neighborhood, even if it sounds crazy as long as the motive is true it will work and people will jump on board, it will become a snowball… yes in hell, we have a chance. Happy New Year!

for more info on “Write a House” http://writeahouse.com/?utm_content=bufferb50db&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer