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dropopp.com - helping hands

This platform is the place where you can help knock down prices of expensive electronics and more for your community and yourself…No, we don’t have a large variety of stuff only the cool stuff that usually costs an arm and or a leg.

Who can afford an arm or a leg? No-body… we all need our extremities, but together we can save the body parts and help ourselves and others afford, say, an iPad3 or a Kindle Fire, for less than what Amazon has ’em for.

By droppin in and dropping on an items price tag, the prices are reduced by increments of 25cents. Now, that doesn’t sound like much, but when thousands of people are peeking at prices… that’s a lot of reductio goin’ on…

Try it you’ll like it and so will your neighbor, workin’ together a community of helping hands…don’t forget our diaper drop, we all can help a family in need one diaper at a time!