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We are celebrating both of our birthdays on this very special day, July 4th.

Our country is an amazing place, and of course everyone should be proud of where they come from (I hope so). We must remember, all of us share this wonderful amazing planet. Yes, there are rules and regulations, borders and boundaries so people don’t get hurt or hurt others. Lets keep in mind this 4th of July that we are no different than our brothers in Indonesia, Brazil or Africa, we just happened to be brought to our location via the stork who dropped us on our parents doorstep. This does not give any one rights to treat others less than, or that someone is better. I know this sentiment is felt in many lands, this attitude can only make for a great war hey?…In America we are privileged and we hope to stay this way, let us be humble with our freedom and help each other no matter where people are living.

For most of us on this planet we strive to love our families, our neighbors, our God and maybe to eat a good hot dog once in a while. Whether political, emotional or financial, issues, this is why dropopp.com was born, to help the communities of our world come together for one goal…allow everyone a chance to purchase important products without the exclusionary club pretense. Plus, giving your neighbor a hand up by helping knock down prices for those who may not be able to afford those expensive products.

Pray for peace and love for all of our planet…Love covers a multitude of sins and so does mustard!

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Our thoughts on this very important day!

HAPPY JULY 4th & Happy birthday dropopp.com