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Bildschirmfoto 2012-01-24 um 19.54.31 I have been reading blogs and looking up reviews on the penny auction sites. I’m finding there are people who like the competition penny auctions and the “MAYBE I CAN WIN” strategies have to offer. Are people aware of the hassle, the time and extra fees it takes to “Win” while they are gazing at the elusive bargain? Getting a bargain shopping at the good-ol Goodwill and Salvation Army stores or wearin’ your granddad’s clothes are always a sure bet.

When you place your “Penny” bid on an auction site, there are additional fees, anywhere from 60 cents to a dollar or more tacked on to each single penny bid. So the penny auction is now 61 cents to over a dollar. Like the gambling tables at the casino it is just that – a gamble and it has a cost. When people can knock down prices for their favorite high-end products without the gamble and adrenal rush, the winning factor is guaranteed.

On platforms like dropopp.com no one wins anything (WHAT?) You simply “DROP” 25 cents to peek at your fav item’s price and buy the product if the price is right or wait till more people reduce it even further. It’s a win-win situation for every participant without the added costs, bells, whistles and timers. the community platform dropopp.com includes the fast pace competitive race with other participant to knock down prices and you will be a part of a cooler strategy, so you or others can have the lowest prices available. Join the community of reduction-shoppers. You don’t lose any pennies when you buy items there.

See ya there