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yuk! shop indoors instead

yuk! shop indoors instead

It’s SPRING time again for most of us and that means rainy gloomy days. Who wants to go out shopping and get wet lugging in bags from the car? Nobody.

Thanks to online shopping we can escape some of the painful parts of shopping in yukky weather, avoiding your favorite pumps from getting soakers and your new du getting ruined. Yes, you can shop online for almost anything these days, there are online organic foods delivery services in some areas which I think is a fabulous idea darling, and not too expensive. They will deliver your organic foods directly to your door, here’s one I found, so cool… http://milehighorganics.com/home.php.

This organic delivery service is fairly new biz, but spreading like wildfire. I remember doing it hands on as a young gal in our community. We would grow the food from seeds in our church garden, and deliver the harvest directly to the needy families in our neighborhood…back then it was a free service and of course no one knew what a computer was well, maybe NASA.

Organic delivery is not available everywhere yet, but you can investigate and see who provides it in your town, and hey, what an opportunity if you are looking to become an entrepreneur, start your own organic food delivery service.

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HAPPY SPRING…wear your goloshes!