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Our bodies cannot take the overload of toxins the environment exposes us to on a daily basis, so lets not subject ourselves any further with our household cleaners.

There’s a new “Old fashioned” way to think, less is more. What did Grandma clean with? Oh yeah vinegar, newspaper, Borax, lemons, the list is endless and she got the job done! Try making your own cleaners simple, cheap and safe…

Here is a list of just some of the economical environmentally safe products you can make yourself at home for cheap.

Baking soda – cleans and deodorizes, softens water, scours pots, pans and tubs.

Lemons – one of the stronest food-acids, effective against most household bacteria.

Borax – found at your grocery store cheap (grandmas secret sodium borate) cleans, deodorizes, disinfects, softens water, cleans wallpaper, painted walls and floors of course laundry!

White vinegar – diluted in water, cuts grease, removes mildew, odors, some stains and wax build-up.

Washing Soda – (Sal Soda) is sodium carbonate decahydrate, a mineral. Cuts grease, removes stains, softens water, cleans walls, tiles, sinks, and tubs. This can irritate mucous membranes if used without ventilation or just put on a mask when using.

Isopropyl Alcohol – an excellent disinfectant do not ingest of course.

Cornstarch – from baby’s bottom to making gravy this can also be used to clean windows, polish furniture and shampoo carpets.

Is Borax Safe? Borax is considered a mild skin irritant similar to baking soda. The MSDS lists borax as a health hazard of 1, similar to salt and baking soda. Use of borax for home cleaning formulas, where no borax is ingested, has not been shown to pose health hazards. Borax is a natural substance which is non-carcinogenic, does not accumulate in the body, or absorb through the skin. It is not harmful to the environment.

All purpose cleaner: Mix 1/2 c of vinegar and 1/4 c of baking soda (or 2 tsp of borax) into 1/2 gallon water. You can store this and it will keep for a long time. Use on bathroom chrome fixtures, hard water stains shower doors, bathroom mirrors.

Air freshener: Baking soda or vinegar with lemon juice in small dishes placed around the house, also orange peels in a bowl are lovely…you will have to change them after a week or so. Simmer vinegar on the stove while cooking fish will neutralize the air. Have live house plants, they add to the positive fragrance of a home.

Bathroom mold: Yuk! This can be a health concern causing allergies and more, get rid of by mixing one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water in a spray bottle use on mold areas. Wait one hour before rinsing or using the shower.

Drain Cleaner: Mix 1/2 c of salt in 4 liters water, heat but not boil and pour down the drain. For stronger cleaning pour 1/2c of baking soda, then 1/2 c of vinegar. The chemical reaction will break down fatty acids into soap and glycerine, allowing clog to wash down the drain. (only use on metal plumbing, plastic pipes can be harmed). Do not use with commercial drain cleaners, it can cause dangerous chemical fumes.

These are just some of the home made concoctions that are safe, cheap and simple to use without the chemical toxic worry.

Good luck and happy non-allergy season!