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We are all waiting for a break, we’ve been good little girls and boys, now it’s Easter Bunny time and still no daffodils or warm temps. Okay Spring we’ll give you one more week to come out and show your shining face. So that means everyone is getting cranky by now, what to do about our lack of happy sunshiny attitude?

For starters happiness is an inside job, so down the hatch with Vitamin d-3 for one and how about a B-complex that will help lift some of the blues. A good nights rest also helps, before bed how about some calcium and magnesium, make sure you eat with this supplement so it get assimilated into your blood stream correctly.

A low Thyroid can be a cause of the blues also add a little kelp or some natural iodine drops to your diet. Not all iodine supplements are created equal, take a walk down the aisle of your health food store and ask many questions. When choosing your supplements you must take extra care that it will be the right one for your body. I use a simple muscle test. You can ask the health store employee if they are qualified to do this for you or bring a friend to help you.

How to muscle test?   First step…remove all electrical influences such as cell phones, jewelry, keys any metals that will conduct electric frequencies or distract from your test and give you an improper reading. Use an indicator muscle (arm or leg, if sitting) hold it straight out and then have the tester place his hand on your wrist or ankle and one on your shoulder to make a conduit, then he will push down the indicator muscle… feel the strength of the muscle it should hold in place, then place a cell phone or sugar in the person’s hand or have them hold it in the middle of their chest (thymus gland) the result should be a weakening in the indicator arm or muscle. Now you have established a negative and positive result (if you do not get a negative result when holding cell phone have the person drink water, this will fix their polarity). Ready to test for your supplements? Now place the supplement or food you wish to purchase in your hand or near the thymus gland (center of chest) and see if the person’s arm is strong or weak by pushing down slightly. You do not have to wrestle the person just a medium push to see if they are strong or if they are weak with the supplement. A strong result means the supplement or food is a match with your energy and can be taken. If the test proves a weak muscle your body says it is not a match,  you may have an allergy to this product do not ingest.

That sounds crazy and looks even crazier, but you will see more and more people doing this test in the stores and restaurants. My Chiropractor told a story of how his daughter had to have him test everything that went in her mouth. He said she went a little over board but she also had allergies to food so it kept her safe and from immune reactions which were even more embarrassing.