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Not just for the Hippies anymore, Earthing is for anyone who lives on this planet. Thanks to the new age of technology, we are filled with electromagnetic frequencies. Unless you are living on a deserted island (where is that)? You’ve been under the pulse of these harmful EMF’s, and we must take responsibility of our bodies by keeping them healthy and EMF free, as much as we can that is.

What is Earthing? Getting rid of those nasty frequencies that can do major damage to our bodies from using/wearing cell phones, living near power transformers, our lap tops sitting on our…laps. This behavior is setting our bodies up for illnesses, yeasts, fungus and some cancers such as leukemia. Since technology has turned us into electro-techno junkies, we are now inundated with these not-so good vibrations. How do we fight these unseen violators, these silent predators? The human body has an electro magnetic frequency of its own and is vulnerable to outside frequencies and can put it out of balance. Each cell, tissue and organ resonates at a certain megahertz and that number can relay to us the health or illness of a particular organ or cell. There are many different machines such as the ASYRA that can be used in diagnosing or understanding these number. A natural path or alternative health practitioner can guide you in this area if you are interested.

We can return our bodies to balance with this simple way of EARTHING. Getting rid of these unwanted voltages is easier than you think, just by standing barefoot in the grass or if weather doesn’t permit, the concrete in your garage will do the job of discharging these EMF’s. Think of a car battery when you put it on cement the energy discharges hmmm? It works just this way.

If you are too busy to stand a half an hour in the grass or the snow just won’t stop coming down (whats with that hey)? There is a great product for you, no this is not a commercial. There is a real problem that is causing people illness and immune dysfunction, it’s not natural to be cuddled up to your computer or cell phone 24/7 so if we don’t address the issue your body will feel the negative results somehow and all the sudden you are sick. Take out some insurance, promise yourself a least a half an hour barefoot in the park (don’t step in doggie doo doo) or wear a Q-link that can deflect these harmful “freqs” freaks from your body.

Check out the Q-Link it’s wearable and looks cool too, people will ask “where’d ya get that Frank” and Frank will say “Why from dropopp.com good buddie” Frank is from the South 😉 but we will can send them anywhere in the world you live… thanks to the age of technology.