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After all the holiday shopping is finished, the lights and decorations are put away, it’s time to relax and enjoy your new iPad! Oh wait, you didn’t get one for Christmas, you couldn’t afford it? Dropopp.com can remedy that for you. With the dropopp strategy, high-end products can be purchased at a lower than market price with the help of community knocking down prices.

Using the dropopp strategy you never pay the regular price for your favorite items. This month the iPad3 will get an additional reduction. Among all of our visitors, one will be able to purchase the iPad3 for one “drop” which is equal to one quarter. When you “OPP” on the iPad’s price tag and find the price at $125.25 go directly to the BUY NOW button, but DO NOT execute the payment. Dropopp.com will check you out and will pay the $125.25. If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask, info@dropbop.com.

We will get in touch with you via email or by phone which ever information you have provided.

Our Mission is to offer a platform where people come together and reduce high-end product’s prices. Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone could afford an iPad, a kindle, or a Mac book Pro? Well this is the place where dreams can come true. dropopp.com.
 dropopp.com. is the place where everyone gets in on the fun of reducing prices. It takes a community.
Have a great New Year & happy shOpping!