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save yur $$ and have a great party

save yur $$ and have a great party

How to throw a party without spending your holiday budget into a frenzy and making it look like Home and Gardens came to visit…

Its all about vintage, okay you may call it garbage…vintage-garbage’. We can coin a new phrase, look at what happened with Shabby Chic, its so shabby it’s now CHIC!

First thing…Call up your bestie and pick your shopping day. Plan to get out early because the new stuff gets put out every morning. By the time afternoon rolls around, its been picked over.

Next, scope out where your local Salvation Army stores are (every town has one or two). Make a destination map for the outing the night before. Look on the internet for the weekly sales in your area. Yes, they will post the local donation stations where they resale everything. Church bazaars are the best stops, sometimes they offer stuff a bag for a buck! I buy my jewelry from there, the steals (I mean deals) you get are AMAZING!

These second hand places offer table cloths made of REAL lace and candle holders that will look fabulous on your buffet and make it look like Martha Stewart was your decorator. and it only cost a few dollars.

Speaking of dollars, the dollar store has white lights, for under $5 bucks. Do not buy colored lights! Elegance is white and off whites when it comes to lighting…think shimmer and candles…you could throw in a blue stand now and then if you must. White birds, long greens and red berries are added touches.  I’m here in the south so I just go outside and my and pick some greenery and berry branches. Don’t forget the red bows to dress up your center pieces, they can go everywhere… even in your hair.

After you picked up your trinkets and table linens time for the holiday transformation. Pick your party room and throw all the stuff you just collected in the middle of the floor. Move the furniture out or against the walls so people can walk without bumping into stuff. Okay, start draping your linens on the tables all of them  but first lay the lights across the table and drape the material over it (not flat) you must give the linen some character by layering and draping make sure you can see the lighting thru the material.

You can also put risers (old bucket, a bowl, or box) under the linens and set your vases or treys of cookies or fun food on them. This adds height and excitement to your table. Think reds, golds, blues, warm colors for sparkle and warm spirit. The coffee table should be dresses as well there you can could put your metal mixing bowl filled with ice and colored clear gift wrap reds, greens, purples, golds are fun. Stick your beer or vodka in the ice, it looks welcoming and fun add lemons and limes, berries for color. Lemon leaves are a beautiful greenery and they are not that expen$ive. Carry your lighting through to the buffet table surround your holiday foods with lights and candles.

Stock Photo by Sean Lockewww.digitalplanetdesign.com

Glasses should be set by the alcoholic beverages (easy access)…all the glasses you bought for .25 cents from your vintage shopping trip.

The Holidays are a fun time to shop for your decorations and trimmings for your party. Plus, you can haggle, saving money is always fun. The manager will give you at least 10-20% off if you ask (don’t be sceeeard).

Pineapple upside down cake, its all in the upside down part.

Brown sugar, yellow cake mix, canned pineapple and juice, cherries.

In the bottom of your cake pan put three tablespoons of brown sugar stir with the pineapple juice from the can of sliced pineapples. After stirring the brown sugar and pineapple juice till its syruppy, lay your pineapple slices in the bottom of the pan you can put cherries in the holes of the pineapple for a festive look…then pour your yellow cake mix over top…cook till golden brown cool and remove Upside down. its so pretty and tastes awesome!

don’t forget the MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC, as Ethel says!

No body pays full price for anything anymore, its simply not “In” that’s why www.dropopp.com is the “In” place to shop for your New Stuff

happy holidays