free gift!

Okay its not a new car or anything like that sorry, but it is worth your time in opening it.

Our website offers the community a place to come together and knock prices down for one another…To help you do that we are gonna give you your first 4 “drops” FREE…We call it stimulating the “deflation” on prices.

I know your thinking “That’s not my problem” who cares if everyone has lower prices? Maybe its not your problem, but it could be one answer to high prices, say on the iPad3 or those expensive high end electronics that are hard to afford. This site was created with the public in mind. t is a CO-OP, that means the COMMUNITY is running and energizing it. By the collective hands checkin’ out prices, the products are reduced.

Open up your gift by clicking onto and checkout a few prices on your fav. items. If you like the price then buy it…if not well you stimulated the reduction and someone else can OPP to buy it.

Have a Happy Week!