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For the People…

Most of us remember the famous speech of JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country“. Well dropopp.com offers a lot for its community, in fact its okay to ask what’s in it for me? Because this is about YOU, the consumer. A co-op works from the communities involvement by asking whats in it for me you have already given.

This community-shop makes it easy for you to get the much needed products at the lowest prices, this is all driven by the consumers hands (literally). The more people looking at items on the site, the more those prices are reduced, by twenty five cent at a time. Such a small increment, but each of us make a difference. With many visitors checking out prices, the reduction action happens. This could be fast and furious, It depends on the demand of that particular item, like the recent Call of Duty Black Ops2, that’s a hot item, or the iPod Touch 5th generation another sought after item.

It takes the whole community to make it happen, we are in this together

and can help one another reach the goal of having low prices for all…

Singing to the tune of “This Land is Your land”

(corny we know)

This site is our site, this site is your site

From the hands of many, to the land of plenty

we work together, dropping prices for ever

from the Call of Duty, to the dolls so cutie (lack of rhyming ability)

from the New York Islands to Silicon Valley

this place was made for you and me….www.dropopp.com

Thank God that’s over!

Seriously folks, it takes the whole community to make this happen. We are all important in the reduction of prices so everyone can afford the cool stuff, not just the affluent, a true democracy. We have a great love and respect for our 35th  President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and do not wish to belittle his life and his contribution to our country, only to draw a parallel, our wish is to unite our community in working together as he did.

Disclaimer…We are not responsible for your singing out of tune.

Stay Safe & Happy Shopping!