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Ahh…Thanksgiving Morning, waking up to mom elbow deep in turkey.

That was disgusting, but now you have to keep the tradition by sticking your hand up the ole turkey carcus. One year, my mother was just newlywed to my dad, and she was sooo excited because they were having his family over for the first time and mom wanted everything just perfect. Well, the turkey was ready and dad was suited up to carve. The grace was said and the knife was plugged in (electric knives-the coolest back then). after dad carved some and put the meat on the platter mom started spooning out the stuffing, that she had cooked in the turkey. To her surprise and fright a bag of unsightly stuff came out. This was mom’s first turkey day obviously….Oh they had a great story to tell for many years after that first Thanksgiving and who hasn’t cooked the bag of giblets inside the turkey before? Better stick your hand up that turkey rear end and get ’em before you stuff it tomorrow!

Have the Best day ever!


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