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Give Thanks for…

Not having to lay in bed till someone comes to get you up. Most of us can get up without the help of someone to lift and dress us. Many of our fellow humans need help to use the bathroom, to shower, to brush their hair and the simple task of eating.

If you have ever been close to someone or to people who are dependent on someone else to be their arms and legs, you still take things for granted. It’s natural to put these painful circumstances out of our  mind especially if they are not a part of our everyday life. But, people suffer every minute who are in these body’s. So how do we as healthy individuals help alleviate some pain for those who are in this place?

You can start at your local community center or church, they will guide you to where the needs are the greatest. Even if it’s for a day, an hour or maybe a few minutes of taking on someones pain, to help bear their cross helps you as well as the person who is receiving. How about invite someone who doesn’t have a family to dinner? There’s always more than enough food on Turkey Day, share it with someone who really needs it. It’s not just the food they may need but human companionship. Maybe they are not handicapped physically but may have other issues, like no transportation, recently widowed, or economically challenged. There is no shortage of people in need, just step outside and be aware. It’s great to be a part of the solution and to be an example of kindness and love this Thanksgiving.

A Reminder, we will be hosting our Diaper Drop on the Indiegogo crowd funding site for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


Blessings we are GRATEFUL!