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just BE

It’s that time again where the sun is setting earlier and the wind is getting chillier. Fall, pumpkins and spice and everything hopefully is nice. We are busy and with this digital age it makes us more crazy. You think with the computers hand help apparatus’sss it would make life simpler, but it just adds to the noise in our heads and makes us think we are missing out on something…We are, PEACE and the power of just BEing.

My advice to ya’ll (south kickin’ in) is find your daily dose of peace within and without, so you don’t lose your sense of balance and purpose. Whats the race for? Things will get done or they will still be there for you to finish. Be gentle with yourselves the holidays are coming (painful enough) it’s nice to enjoy them, not to push them until they are gone. Just like when you’re visiting the family, remember to go slow and take your time. Answer the little ones questions, look them in the eyes and really listen to what they are saying. I am guilty of just saying yes, yes, without hearing what they are telling me this is not healthy or does anyone any good. I have caught myself lately and am taking the time to be there in the NOW, wherever I am. Make your memories and be a part of other people’s memories, really be there. Don’t be thinking about your next appointment, just BE where you are…