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these also come in black and white..I like the pink!

We spend a lot of time on our cell phones and computers, it’s scary actually when you realize those frequencies could be deadly.
You can rid your body of harmful electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s).

One way is to kick off your shoes after a long day of being subject to those negative fields. Stand barefoot on the ground or roll around in the grass (no pesticides please) the earth will balance your field naturally by taking in the bad and leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

At least a half an hour a day should discharge the harmful energies. If you cant get outside on the earth, stand in your garage or basement this will have the same effect. You know how a battery is discharged by putting it on the garage floor? Well, think about it, our bodies are similar to a battery. We hold charges and frequencies and we can also rid those frequencies that can wreak havoc on our energy and health.

Q-Link products are another unique way to get your EMF protection by using your body’s natural energies. Bio-fields are the subtle fields of energy that flow through and from our bodies. When your bio-field goes out of balance, you feel out of balance. Q-Link products help bring you back into balance by using a unique technology known as Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT).

SRT is Q-Link’s proprietary system that involves the life-supporting, frequency-specific patterns of energy your body produces. Think of SRT as a sophisticated tuning fork for your biofield, bringing you back into balance and closer to your most natural state.

Some people report that Q-Link products using SRT can help in:

* -Reducing the negative effects of EMF exposure
* -Enhancing energy, vitality, and an overall sense of well-being
* -Heightening focus and concentration
* -Improving calmness, quality of life, and the ability to sleep restfully
* -Increasing natural immunities to EMF exposure
* -Improving body’s natural response to stress

Now these are just some of the reported effects of Q-Link products. Everyone is different and possesses different needs when it comes to bio-fields. Q-Link bracelets, Q-Link pendants, and other Q-Link products will work with your body’s natural energies in order to produce healthy effects.

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