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Okay it’s vacation time…Now what?

The first question is, where are we going and how much do we have $$ to get there?

Lets check out the different vacations.

There’s the old camping trip. Yeah right, first thing you think of mosquitoes and no running water for morning shower, mmm? Stinky, itchy, cranky people. Sure it’s fun to roll around in the dirt, then try to cook on a little propane tank grill and wash dishes in a bucket. But that’s too much fun for me…Does that sound like a vacation for you? Oh you have a camper? Well, that’s a horse of a different color. Home away from home. With the gas prices, I guess you can camp in the back yard.

How bout the UNKNOWN DESTINATION vacation? Hop in the car with your toothbrush a few changes of clothing, pack a lunch and drive to oh, anywhere and see where you land. These can be some of the greatest adventures I find. Credit card a must! And pack a sense of humor you will need it for the drive…

Bed and Breakfast a few hours away. This vacation is sooo sweet! An old fashioned home, breakfast with strangers, someone else cooking and touching your food hmmm? It’s fun, the water in the shower is usually a few drips and you’re done with that. Just use more cologne and deodorant on this trip. Maybe you will get lucky and find a haunted house. Now that’s adventure!

The Family destination. Yay! we are going to see our family OHHHH, what fun? As the speech turns monotone, you stare into space like a zombie. The foot on the gas pedal gets lighter and lighter as you draw nearer to your destination. Did I leave the oven on? The thought of turning around is a pleasant one.

Gambling Vacation! You are hyped, salivating over the thought of the roulette wheel and the blackjack tables. Your man clinging with a death grip on his wallet, staying further and further away from you, huddling in a corner in fear…I guess that’s not gonna be fun either. Unless you break out the Jagermeister, that wallet is never opening.

Theme Park! Roller-coaster fun for all…except you with your swimmers ear and nauseous tummy. Alright enough of the finding excuses not to go anywhere, just get on the damn thing and have some fun! The time is overdue to behave like a kid again, it’s the only way to live. Stop worrying about EVERYTHING, YOU’RE ON VACATION! That is the whole point, get back to having fun no matter where you drive, fly, walk, or crawl too (after Jagermeister)…The journey is the important thing, bring lots of fun music, your camera, your best friend(s) and a smile. Remember to pick up some healthy snacks along the way. Not too much sugar, keep the immune system strong.

The best way to start and finish any vacation, is to be grateful you even get one…(reminder to self).

You can visit the http://www.dropopp.com site while were away. We put some new items on for your shopping and health pleasure.

see ya when we get back Kisses and hugs!