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Ahhh…De-EMF ME

Just want to keep you all informed, it’s almost time to stop working and act like a Kid again, running and jumping out the door at 3:00 after school. Yelling… YAY! IT’S FRIDAY!

It’s been a long week of exposure to EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies). Your cell phone has been stuck to your head, sitting at the computer, hangin’ out by the microwave waiting for that day old pizza to heat.

Well, it’s now maybe 5 or 6:00 baby and I dare you to run out the door like a crazy person. Your co-workers will say “What the hell did he eat for lunch and where can I get some”? Maybe he has to go to the can…No, none of the above, just plain ol CELEBRATING FRIDAY. Even though some of us have to work on Saturday, it’s still fun to enjoy life while we have it. I see your co-workers now trying to emulate or  copy-cat as we called it, I think it’s now officially called poser. No matter what it’s called darn it, go out shouting.

Monday morning you can come back to work shouting, or getting shouted at which ever comes first. As for this weekend go for a run, a walk, get outside and take off your shoes. Remember what the ground felt like? Better than that, go to the beach sand is an awesome EMF (electro magnetic frequency) reliever. De-electrify the body from all of the computer, cell-phone, microwave-waves, power lines etc…AHHH! These are vibrations/frequencies you don’t need in the body.

It is literally impossible to avoid it in our world.

Why is it harmful?

It creates symptoms of

  • headaches, migraines
  • insomnia
  • nerve pain
  • memory loss
  • chronic fatigue
  • inability to concentrate
  • loss of energy
  • irritability
  • depression
  • weakened immune system

The simplest way to rid yourself of these electro-magnetic frequencies is to stand on the ground, barefoot, for at least a half an hour a day. If it is winter time, get to a garage floor or stand barefoot in your basement. You know that if you set a battery on the cement floor, it will de-juice it? It is the same with your body…How cool huh? and guess what? It’s free!

So go de-EMF yourself this weekend, try to do it everyday if possible. You will lessen the harmful frequencies that don’t belong in your body.