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It’s quite amazing everything and everyone has vibration, even the mosquito’s love dance happens according to vibration. That’s how the boy mosquito knows it’s a girl mosquito, of course the high heels and lipstick are a dead giveaway.

The female mosquito has a high pitch whining that attracts her mate in a certain key and his wings flapping or buzzing at over 600 beats per second causes a certain tone that when they get together, it is truly sweet harmony. At that time the dirty deed, done dirt cheap, takes place and there you have those nasty little biting devils all around.

Nobody likes these critters, but just for an example of how life in balance works perfectly, through vibration. Not even a spoken or well-rounded thought out plan, and the job gets done naturally. Maybe if we hone into our own vibrations we could get the right mate, or that career, how ’bout purchase that perfect house. If we just listen to that little vibration inside of us when it first happens instead of intellectualizing. We humans have to factor in many different variables of course, but don’t forget to listen to that little vibration or voice, that nudge inside that has your best interest. Your true self is always there waiting for you to acknowledge “You and your Vibes know best”.

When that voice inside says “Wait, don’t go” and you listen only then to see the accident that would have been you, if you hadn’t taken your own advice. That’s your vibration resonating with your perfect self keeping you one step ahead of the game. (angels help too).

Listen to your vibration and you can feel others vibrations. You know if someones happy or cranky, dangerous or loving just by being near them. That is why moms are so good at telling you “He’s not Mr. Right” but we never listen they have been listening to that vibe even when it wasn’t cool. Now sometimes given the circumstances its hard to read vibrations and people can tricky but that initial feeling is usually always right.

Staying true to your own vibrations and keeping in tune is easy: through quiet time, eating clean healthy foods, water, exercise, being happy, all these things make you more receptive to giving and getting vibrations. Like animals and insects we are creatures of the planet and we have built-in radar and intuition. We have dirtied our receptors with sugars and alcohol substances that are unhealthy, smoking and everything unnatural causes blockage to our vibrations. Okay so you think this is all hippie talk…I watched a video of Warren Buffett and he was asked “How are you so good at choosing the right investment” he says it’s his gut instinct. If he feels it in the first few minutes that it’s right… it usually is. He has access to all of the best economic analysts and the top investment people. He still uses his natural vibration…as we all should! Hey maybe we could be millionaires too?

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