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Well, unless you are running an ant farm, that answer would be…NOBODY!

Literally as I write this blog, I have little baby ants crawling up my arm and all over my desk. My mother used to tell us “It’s simple and easy to get rid of ants, without the high cost and toxic fumes of pesticides”. Just use the old-fashioned method. “What’s that mom”? “Borax or (boric acid) and confectioners sugar dear” Of course it’s toxic if eaten by humans but we are not planning it for the evening menu. It’s a special entrée only for unwanted guests “THE ANTS”. I don’t think PETA or any animal lover’s group will hold vigil at your house if you eradicate with this recipe of death. How ’bout we call it a peaceful interruption of irritation. You know those buggers are not cute or cuddly, and we need a green, healthy, cheap method of getting rid of them.

Here’s the recipe for prevention and eradication…

Remember BORAX in that cute pink and blue box? Mom or maybe your grandma used it to do laundry. Grab a box or two (it’s cheap) if you cannot find it at your grocer, look at your local hardware they still carry obscure stuff. If you are unsuccessful at finding Borax get plain boric acid, sounds sinister doesn’t it? No guilt, your karma will stay in tact.

Get a few bags of confectioners sugar, cuz you will need a lot of it. Get a bucket and put on your rubber gloves. Tie a bandanna around your mouth and nose so the mixture cannot get into your delicate membranes (always wear a mask or bandanna when using any chemical, paint or glue). You will then mix the borax or boric acid and confectioners sugar together use a paint stick to stir. Mmm dinner time!

You will be putting this mixture around the perimeter of the outside of your house. You can also do the perimeter of your basement and the windowsills. Do not put anywhere near children or pets! It looks and tastes like sugar that’s why the ants are so enticed by it. Be careful not to put by the sugar bowl or coffee pot. Reminds me of 9 to 5 when Dolly Parton dreams of killing her boss with tainted coffee. Enough daydreaming and good luck with your pesky problem. I will think of you all while I’m doing the same.