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What is CROWD-Shopping?

Actually it’s shopping within a crowd and not with the crowd… Hmmm, you are confused? Here the further explanation: It is a way to get the best from the two words “crowed” and “shopping”. Getting quality products at the best bargains, thanks to all of the visitors who help reduce the prices of the online products. It’s a happening which take less time and less money compared to the traveling to a “brick and mortar store” and standing in line!

The bigger the rowed which is stopping by at www.dropopp.com, the more the prices are reduced! A simple action of placing a 25 cent “drop”, makes the item price reduce by 25 cents. Without any fees. The Shopper then has the option of buying that item at its lowered price. This price could be the lowest price on the internet – check it out!
Think of the savings on each item when the crowd stops in for a peek and therefore reducing prices for you and the community.

This is CROWD-SHOPPING at its finest, knocking down prices for one another in the online shopping community. You don’t need big money to be a part of this high-price-item network, a few bucks will do it. Dropopp.com is the place where you get a great return by giving a little. The Benevolence principal is applied here. Reciprocity-benevolence (we say “recipvolence”). You give and you get… as it should be.