Let thy food be thy medicine! You are familiar with this saying, Hippocrates was the man with the plan. Finally we are getting it through our heads. Health food?… it’s not just not for hippies anymore. Although when I “Found” alternative ways of eating (which is not alternative, it’s natural) it came from two hippie chiropractors in the early 80’s. Eating food close to its original state is the way God intended. He never grew Stouffer’s Salisbury steak dinners on a bush, I loved those things as a child, mom was a fifties gal, that’s where the TV dinner originated…Great, if you like fuax food.

Now we are aware of all the chemicals used to process these “Fun easy” foods, and the dangers that are included. We as consumers can take back our power by gaining knowledge of how the body works. Internet is a great source of information, if you want to learn what is best for each individual need…ask. Think in terms of growing the body since we shed our dead cells and grow new ones everyday, and fueling the body for strength and optimum brain power. Be aware of your own body, don’t leave it up to your medical Dr. they are learning themselves new ways of living, eating, supplementing. When I visit my medical Dr. (once a year or so) I bring her new information on healing modalities and she is so open to learn.

Start each morning with WATER. Hydration is key for electrical impulses, supple sexy skin, detoxing the kidneys and other organs. NOT COFFEE first, do that second if you want, just a simple glass of H2O to wake up and get some clarity.

Then get to your protein for your thinking power and muscle building. Take it from me, I lost muscle last year like crazy. Sure I was skinny but that is not a hot look if your rear end is saggin’. Amino acids build muscle and proteins are a way to get them or take a supplemental shake without the sugar. Stable blood sugar is important for your mood and so you are not on a roller coaster ride all day. Set the tone of the day for bright, strong, happy you. Get your work done and maybe go dancing after…dreaming again I know!

Fiber, hey shredded wheat is cheap with some almond milk it’s LA-licious! Gotta go you know! Healthy bowel movements should be thick and long (sorry for the visual) but really we have to cleanse, it’s not that weird, just human. If you are not going everyday try more calcium-magnesium or apple-cider vinegar after your meals to get those digestive juices churning. Our tummies are so neutralized by purple pills and acid reducers, which is surely the way to illness, malnutrition and the dreaded C-word. Our health (LIFE) starts in the digestive tract. We assimilate our nutrition from there. The Ph in our gut should be between 1.5 and 3.5. Pepsin is one of the main enzymes that help breakdown foods, vitamins and minerals. The tummy needs to be acidic to work, if you stop it from working you won’t get the nutrition you need. Your hair, skin and nails will be a tell all sign.

Lunchtime! After working so hard it’s fun to eat lunch. Think “love” your body, and McDonalds does not love your body. Go to the grocery store if you have little time and didn’t pack your lunch. Sardines and cheese are easy, you get your oils, proteins and no empty calories. I suggest pack left overs from last nights dinner. Yes, it’s work takin’ care of your body, but you will love your energy and won’t be cranky!

Emotions and stress can cause illness. The mind can be a war-zone of conflicting reports. So get that thing under control, don’t let it run you. Thoughts are very important to health, think healthy thoughts and don’t put garbage in there. You’ll just have to take it out and you really need to clean the garage instead.

Exercise till you sweat! Yep, you gotta break a sweat for those toxins to get out and the brain “Happy” chemicals to release. I went to the hospital when I was very stressed out, going through a divorce and getting physically ill from it. The emergency Dr. said he would give me anxiety meds and an anti-depressant (anyting U want). I told him I didn’t take medicine like that, so his prescription (and he wrote it down) was to run on the treadmill or outside for a half an hour each day for depression and overall health. Medical Dr’s understand the brain chemistry but they know people won’t do the physical part, and they want an easy fix so they give them what they want (not what they need)…Don’t be lazy, use that body! You’re sexy and you know it ayyy? Don’t forget your salt! Those myths that humans don’t need it well, they are myths…But use Celtic “dirty” salt, white salt has no minerals in it, don’t bother.

Dinner? If you don’t have a slave, I mean wife or chef at home this can be rough. Going out to dinner is not the healthiest because foods are not as clean as when you pick them up and prepare them yourself. BUT you can create a habit and make food a priority, your body is your most important vehicle. It must be tuned and gassed up properly for it to run at optimum speed. Throw potatoes in the oven at the beginning of the week, you can reheat them all week long. Sweet potatoes are awesome and filled with life giving nutrients such as, vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. Try an acorn squash too, just cut in half bake for at least three hours put maple syrup and real butter, makes a great desert plus vits and minerals. Use your crock pot, put a whole chicken in there in the morning with veggies. Evening, you have an easy dinner. Any meat works in the crock pot…If you have money buy organic. If on a budget use lean high quality meats. You can find them on sale at the end of the day at your grocery store.

Are we done yet? Yes, I think so…Oh one more thing, LAUGHTER at least once a day. You can and should vary these tips. The most important thing is just try to be aware of what you are eating, doing, and thinking. If you take charge of your life and create intentionally, instead of living by default, you can somewhat control your future, your health, your AWESOME LIFE!