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The world is spinning around so fast, here it is summer again. Now whats your plans?

Oh yeah, you have to work and take care of the kids that are out of school. There’s more tasks to do and you think “How am I gonna survive this summer with these kids, and when does  school get back in”? Reminds me of something my man’s mother used to say… “Dear God make evening come soon and could you possibly do it in the morning”.

Don’t wish away all of your wonderful moments with your little ones just because you are overwhelmed and life seems to never give you a break. There will be a time you wish they were still running in and out of the house with wet feet, spilling Kool-aid all over the floor and you behind them with wet dripping mop in hand, hair not brushed, still in your PJ bottoms. You can’t bring back those days that you wished away so fast and now you feel guilty for wishing them away. If only you could have a few of them back. How much money would you give to have one night of watching your babies sleep, when you crept in their doorway and listened to them breathing?  Well guess what? Your wishes came true and here you are, mop in hand and cleaning up after the dog… ONLY!

You find yourself envying mothers with dark circles under their eyes the worn out looks from lack of sleep, with their children screaming in the back of the car. Yes, you are jealous of their madness. The quiet of your empty house is maddening to your mind. You welcome the visits of little ones and the mothers apologizing that their kids are jumping on your bed, while you are taking pictures and telling them it’s no bother and really meaning it. The joy of life that surrounds us, the noiseyness of laughter and fighting that once used to make your hair stand on end now you long for.

Where are those babies now? They are all grown up. All that wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin and prayin’ manifested your dreams hope you are happy. Why do we always wish for something else to be happening? We do not appreciate the NOW moments. I guess that’s why God gives us grandchildren so we can take our time with them. You seem to have more patience and time with these little ones. When you were raising yours it was, “GET OUTTA BED THE BUS IS COMING” Now if you hear their mother (your daughter or son) yell at them you are right there (SUPER G-MA) “Don’t yell at those babies”. We now have turned inot our mothers. Yes, mom poking her nose into your parenting business. This is a natural occurrence in the parenting and grand-parenting pecking order process. To become a nosey big mouth overseer who can do it better.  Well, where were you when you were raising your kids?…Oh yeah, you were working and the kids were in day care. or with a babysitter. That is why in the “Olden Days” mom’s stayed home with the kids and Dad’s worked. At least one parent was home, yelling and screaming, I mean guiding and directing the children’s future.

No I’m not writing this from experience, I’m just the writer…Now if you believe that I have an ice-cube air-conditioner for sale…No really I do!

The air-conditioning Igloo for under $100.00 taking orders 😉


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