Everyone loves a party!

Give me any excuse to buy balloons, confetti, fun finger foods and I’m off and running…The colors, the music, smells, and energy bring people together with the excitement of giving is a perfect backdrop for this years Diaper Drop.

There is no better reason to throw a party, than for someone who really needs it. This economy has taken its toll on families and their basic needs such as diapers and baby needs that food stamps cannot buy. We understand this need and are asking the community to come together and pitch in. If we all do a little a lot can get done!

This Diaper Drop started with a need from within our own family and spread to many communities on our journey. It’s work but it is a labor of love, plus we lead by example and to teach our younger people, that giving is the best reason to throw a party. You can have fun for a cause and get a little while giving a lot, a perfect Yin-Yang state.

On March 18th 3-6pm in Starkville Mississippi The Diaper Drop will be held at the Sportsplex 405 Lynn Lane…We are expecting a grand turnout with the help from James Martin at Cumulus Channel, Tami Butler at WCBI what a guy and what a gal, thanks to Lisa and Matt for donating the facility! We have lots of other friends and volunteers from the community to spread the word and help set up and cook and fulfill what ever needs there are…

The community spirit is alive and well in Starkville MS. So Ya’ll come out and bring any size box or bag of diapers for families in need. Come and meet your neighbors, it’s springtime again!

We’ll do lunch, See ya there!

If you cannot join the fun please note we have a donation page at http://www.dropopp.com/home/DiaperDrop.aspx we will match your drop!