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Who’s ready?

Nobody, that New Year’s resolution has been lost in the middle of the paczki pile (polish dough-nuts). Lent is upon us, or some of us. It snuck up on me too. What are you giving up? The first thing that comes to mind is chocolate right? (my mind).That is a certain No way, how ’bout pop? Okay that is easier for some and not so easy for others. You are the only one who can decide this. How about something you hate already like anchovies? Who the hell likes those things anyway, “HAIRY FISH”? Anchovies it is! No, that’s too easy now. It has to be something you at least like, that you would eat or do sometime during the week. NOPE, sex is not on the list either, it keeps wrinkles at bay and that awful bitching.

Giving up something that we love is good for us. When we implement it back into our regimen we look at it differently, with respect and reverence. Not taking it for granted and over indulging for a while anyway Lent isn’t just for Catholics it is for all humans to realize their habits and their blessings. Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnival, are the epitome of over indulgence and fittingly the next day is Lent. Just like starting a diet, eat and drink till you cant put anything else in your vessel then refrain for a while. Everyone practices Lent in some form or another. Every night we fast and then break it in the morning, Break-Fast.

The return to balance feels right and we learn that we are in control of our bodies, minds and destiny, that is the lesson for Lent (my interpretation). To refrain from over indulging is healthy and can protect our bodies from disease and just going completely willie nillie. Addictions are a problem with the human condition, because we are usually out of balance in our nutrition, thought patterns or emotional health. Being alive is work, you must be aware of what habits are in your daily regimen, and if they are serving you in a healthy way… take inventory. Get that notebook and pen and see just exactly what you are doing with your life, check out your patterns, write down your daily walk and what you are really doing. Then you can take out the bad and intentionally put in the good. No diet just living a great life.

Live life with intention instead of by default. Be mindful of directing your steps, you will become a healthier and happier person…

The Lesson of Lent…Balance

Peace and Happy Spring!