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What is “It” that men need? Besides the obvious…They need to be babied by their woman too.

The kids are not the only babies in the house. It can be a real competition when a woman has the kids and her man to serve. Bringin’ home the bacon, cookin’ it up in the pan, serving, and cleaning up the house is quite a task. If a woman gets a shower in between that’s an accomplishment.

Valentines Day is a very special day for a woman, but what about making your man feel special? Not only on Super Bowl Sunday girls. Sure you stock the fridge with his favorite beverages and make the guacamole. Being ever so careful not to stand in front of the television when Manning makes that fantastic play (who ever the hell Manning is)?

Here are some Tips for babying your Man…

* Make sure he is taking his vitamins/minerals and that he is getting his protein fats and some carbs in the morning. Coffee and Red Bull do not contain any nutrients his body is craving.

* If not eggs (protein) and bacon (fat) he needs the equivalent. Give him a high quality Omega-3 this is good for the brain so he can think. A protein shake will give him that energy coffee cannot replicate so he’s not cranky. Whey is tasty and has amino acids for the muscle-building he needs…Love muscles included!

* Minerals are just as important as vitamins, in fact they all work together. Look into the colloidal liquid mins to throw in his juice. You wont believe what a small cap-full will do for your health and strength (this goes for everyone in the house).

* If you can pack him a lunch…I know this is really pushin it, but if you do it after dinner and plug it into your routine it will become a habit (21 days creates a new habit). Just give him the scraps, he will love it like a puppy. At lunch time you’ll be surprised what men think is gourmet. Home cooked left overs are amazing and his co-workers will be so jealous. (not that that is important). This will make him feel special and babied.

* Okay, now that I have ruined your day (women) don’t freak out just yet. This investment will bring many great happy returns to you and your family. Without the fear of marriage bankruptcy. What we plant we shall reap, this is a universal law. It’s easy to forget who the first baby was in your life. With all of the demands that are put on the woman of the house, keep in mind your MAN is your baby too. Oh he may grunt and act like he doesn’t need for anything. Once a woman starts treating her man special, like in the beginning of the relationship, watch the tone of the relationship brighten up.

* I don’t need to go into the bedroom do I? Okay we’ll stroll through this quickly. Love is good anytime any place. A once a week, or once a month message for him would be a delight and probably a miracle if you get time. Make and keep your appointment for this activity, it will bond the love relationship. Luvvy duvvy baby talk is sexy and they could use some tenderness after hangin’ with the guys all day. A womans sweet voice, I didn’t say screachy voice, is so welcome and prelude to a shopping trip. What? I mean Love and sex… then the shopping trip! Checkout the Hot shoes at www.dropopp.com don’t even have to leave the house, why you could stay in bed.

* Keep your man happy, he needs to be babied and I’m sure he will reciprocate the loving gestures. He may wonder what you did with his woman, but he will be happy with this new gal in the house.

Have fun with your baby… your Man.