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Men Shop, yes they do, just a lot slower than women. Did you notice this girls? I fear the day my man says “Hey, I need a pair of new shoes” because that will be an all day affair. I get scared and try to run, but the man needs me.

I get out my video camera/phone and start shooting the happenings of the day, so I can look back and remind myself “Your not going there again”. But, I always return because who’s gonna tell him “Those look Hot Hunnie, now get the darn things and what about that dress that’s calling my name”?

Three hours later we have the shoes, three minutes later I have my dress.

Shopping Online can rid ones anxiety and sore feet. That’s why I shop www.dropopp.com (now doesn’t that sound like a commercial)? No walking, waiting in line, haggling over prices. You choose your item, choose your price and you get your Hot stuff quick. Then its off to a night of fun and dancing with Hunnie.

Shopping Online can be awesome fun! Get a cup of coffee, one lap top and your off into a world where everything is at the tips of your fingers…Okay so you can’t try stuff on that is one down fall of this experience. You don’t have to try on an iPad. It looks sexy on everyone!