I hear there’s a new app out for a gym memberships or maybe you know about it. I’m not trying to promote, but this strategy keeps you accountable and their bank accounts countable. It’s a pretty neat idea.

You make an agreement to attend the gym from 1-7 days a week and if you make these days, the strategy is, you get cash in your account. If you miss a day they take out $$ from your account and that how the monies are paid to the other members. You must agree to the amounts going in and I believe they are the same going out. Only you can agree to what that amount is. I guess the more cash you have to pay out,  the more you will be accountable. I read one guy is giving $50 bucks every time he misses his agreed day…so he really wants a push or he has a lot of money to give away. (Which I’m okay with).

Now think about this, we all make a pact with ourselves, friends, dogs, fish etc… that we will make our gym dates.Oh, but the kids are late for school, you have a headache you sure as he__ are not doing any jumping today, cha ching! for them. Now it’s a safe bet that they will be winning most of the bets that you don’t show up to the gym. (Those smarties) I can say I’m a bit jealous of the idea. I love when people think of some off the wall way to get our money, it cracks me up and makes me think hmmm? I never fall for this crap…oh, did I say never? Only Craps at the Casino, but hey there is a chance no matter how slight you could win there and its fun to get a night out.

What about that workout though? What inspires you? Certainly not looking in the mirror, since you run as fast as you can by that thing. I guess this is a pretty cool idea since nobody likes to lose money and you could stand to gain some if your attendance was impeccable.

How ’bout a homemade version of your gym accountability. Ask a friend if you can give them your money if you don’t make the gym date and vice versa. This will keep the money in your circle, hey I think I just made up a new idea!

Congrats to those dudes who came up with this strategy and good luck to those who are takin off the pounds whether it be from the wallet or from the rear..hehe

Good Luck!

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