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What do you mean you’re not successful today?

Just because you have visions, goals and dreams that have not been attained yet doesn’t mean you’re unsuccessful. Every step on the way to your dreams is a success (I have to remind myself of this).

These words come from a fellow human who is climbing up the mountain of success… me. Struggling to get beyond that last boulder, and stand upon that summit of freedom screaming “YAY I made it”. Only to notice there are many more mountains, hills and valleys to be conquered. Oh crud! Take a deep breath, and don’t freak out your success is already here.

As you climb, skinning your knees, wrecking your new French manicure from pulling yourself up, one peak to the next. You are a success for sure. Look at what you are doing, moving mountains literally. While your climb is unfolding, you are unearthing ground beneath you, maybe by colloidal fragments but your movin’ that mountain!

OOps! falling down, having a meltdown freaking out, (we all do it) cuz you’re not at all in sync with your self-inflicted (delusional at times) schedule. This is where you have to learn to be successful at resting, having fun and rejuvenating as well as kicking the worlds big ole’ bootay! Life has to have a balance of fun along with the climb to your success.

Take a vacation and be grateful for the steps that you have made on your journey to your success. Keep records of your struggles and your fun times. Shiza! Sometimes it’s a success and fun if you get time to take a shower.

Let us all practice being happy during our climb, be nice to yourself and make sure you don’t hurt anyone along the way.

Kicking dirt in the guy’ face behind is just rude dude. Practice patience and safety when climbing.

Be thankful. Don’t be in a hurry, you may miss LIVING LIFE’S moments (this is not fun).

Take deep breaths and pictures on the way up…you will have to look back at them because sometimes climbing calls for focus, so let the camera be your eyes and your memory. Then you wont lose out on the details when you get a break to see where you have been.

As long as you haven’t stepped on others fingers or faces, watched another fall and giggle so you can be first, I would say you’re doing good and the path to success is yours to enjoy…Did I say enjoy? This the whole key to our success! ENJOY even the crappy parts as you walk, run, or sometimes crawl to your summit.

Dudes and dudettes life is a SUCCESS as long as you are committed to living it to the fullest. Share your journey with someone else, pull someone up with you as you climb. Get a tandem rope so you can help another along the way. Now yur talkin’ success. The more you help someone else, the more you will be raised up supernaturally, it’s the law of the universe (It’s not a Secret).

Success doesn’t bring happiness, happiness brings success…