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Are you on auto pilot…Or do you live on Purpose?

Most of us are on the auto-pilot instead of kickin’ out the guy who thinks they know how to drive and fly our own ship. New Year, new energy and new thinking…

What do you purposely want to accomplish today?

write it down and check it off as you go. Fun? okay maybe a little weird but just do it for a day and see what you are really doing and what you should be doing and what you want to do. Did you get all that? well, write it down. šŸ˜‰

If you are directing your steps to where you want to go instead of getting crappy results by default you will reach your goals and create the kind of life that is really worth living. You will find you have more time once you take charge and move those mountains at least jump over those mole hills with enthusiasm.

Get busy and make your list or let me make some suggestions.

Rise…be thankful for the day and the strength and health to get through your tasks.

Drink water…hydration is important for energy and cleansing toxins

Eat proteinĀ first…blood sugar is sooo important for you and people around you. Notice cranky people? They eat lots of sugar I am included in that list at times.

Take your supplements…B-complex is good for nerves, heart, your mood and more. Minerals, get a quality brand colloidal –Ā means smallest particles to be assimilatedĀ easier. Minerals are hard and tough to break down.

Get to your workout…whether its on the floor in the hotel room or in the Glamour gym, get there at least three days a week, better do five. Take a class that will keep you accountable to keep your appointment with yourself. I always dread it until I’m almost through and I feel my muscles getting toned more and more with each workout. Then I may opt for desert after dinner (which I love). who says No to desert, to life? Just work it off and enjoy the chocolate.

Live your purpose…what you love, do it everyday. Smile and do it with Passion!

Give to someone everyday…you give to yourself when you reach out to your community, neighbor, kids, elders… Volunteer, it maybe just babysitting for an hour while mom runs to the store. Be a part of someone elses day for a minute. That’sĀ a purposeĀ filled life…Okay not too long just till the baby needs a diaper change then you can give her back to mommie. I’m horrible this way!

I’m the biggest fan of buying an elders coffee for them, make it lunch you can do that. It makes their day and there are so many people who could use some love, now put that on your list and check it off.

Turn off “Mr. Auto Pilot” that guy can’t drive. You are the captain of your destiny. Live on purpose and make that list, check it for a while until these new things become your auto pilot…Fly High!