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Do What? Do IT!

“IT” means many good things:

* K.I.S.S IT. Keep It Simple Stupid. Don’t over think things,. Stick to what you know works, if you don’t know, then investigate the best way. Don’t let emotions run your life. Use your LOGIC!

* Drink IT, Water…it’s not hard or expensive to do, just make it a habit. It takes 21 days to make or break a new or old habit.

* Work IT out till ya sweat (yes I said sweat) get those Bio-chemicals in the brain flowing, acetylcholine, serotonin, gaba, dopamine…this is your Happy Hour without the alcohol.

* Cleanse IT supplements can rid you of toxins.There are many different colon and cellular cleansers. I am not promoting any certain kind, only your body knows what is best for you. Visit your health food store and have them muscle-test you for the one that works best with your body.

* Feed IT okay you are not an IT but you will be if you don’t get your act together. Eat foods that are pure and in their most natural state as often as you can…Processed foods are so 50’s (that’s when the TV dinner came out WTHELL were they thinkin’)?

* Supplement IT up. Take your vitamins and MINERALS, people forget they both go hand in hand. We are made of these little pieces of earth and we need them for our bodies to run at its highest potential.

* Meditate IT, keep that energy flowing inĀ  a positive direction. Meditation or just quieting the mind can balance an otherwise cluttered brain and spirit.

* Dance IT, or whatever you do that is physically fun or…

* Sex IT up! If you do IT everyday, good for you and better for your partner ;). Sex is good for the complexion and makes you feel alive maybe even couple of times a week at least… Dont feel bad or ashamed it’s natural like eating and sleeping. Now get to work or play, IT’s all what you make of IT..

* Love IT…Love your self, your people, your life and your world, it will be noticeable in the trail you leave behind. Do this everyday for a happy life!


If I missed some IT’s please add to this list by leaving a comment…THANKS!