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No Fear This Year 2012

Okay, I’m not gonna tell you to purchase a million dollar hole in the ground so you can survive the world tuning upside down or the Myan Calander fulfilling prophecies, or the nuclear apocalypse …if any of those things happen forget it, I don’t want to be here without all of you anyway?

Since the beginning of time, man has had a love affair with the end of the world. It’s kind of Necromancing our own fate. It’s dramatic and gives us something to talk about, in lieu of doing productive activities. In fact it is NON-Productive behavior, which I have been guilty of. I know that this platform is not the confessional, but we humans must tell on ourselves in order to purge our sins and change the frequency. Do we want to talk about the end of the world when there is so much living to do?

2012 Predictions of a faithful kind…

People will Focus on living Life in 2012 (especially if it is the end, which I doubt).

There will be more giving than ever before…cuz there are more needy than ever before…plus its fun to give.

The world will be more frugal keeping things they would usually throw out, except bad leaders and Wall Street Evil doers.

Humans will start seeking the truth (already happening) in all aspects of life, spiritual, physical, emotional, material, happiness.

Health and how to naturally cure diseases will be the science of the day.

We will overcome our need to indulge in unhealthy activities.

New inventions will flourish and will ease our need to squeeze Mother Earth’s resources.

World Peace will be on the Tongues of our leaders.

More LOVE to go around.

Excitement about Life and Learning.

Family values coming back in style…you know everything comes back in style!

I know this all sounds “hippieish” and somewhat unrealistic…but whatever the human mind can imagine, can be created… This is the year to have NO FEAR!