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Good Vibrations

Everyone loves to see a baby’s smiling face.

In Applied kinesiology (the study of the body’s own energy to find imbalances and illness) it is found that a simple genuine smile can affect the health of a person as well as their emotional state. This energy testing is used to help the body heal, and to find compatibility with  the body’s surroundings, keeping a healthy balance physically and spiritually.

When looking at a picture of an authentic smiling human being, the person viewing the picture is tested using an indicator muscle for strength will test strong. If the picture is not authentic or has an evil sinister smile, the indicator muscle will test weak. Tests have shown that the thymus gland produces more NK cells (Natural Killer cells) when viewing  positive situations, even a simple loving smile.

Let me explain the indicator muscle test.

Take your subject and have him sit or stand in front of you. Make sure there are no electrical devices such as, cell phones, computers, metal, keys or any other magnetic source around him, these will interfere with the test results. Have your “testee” hold out one arm and then you put one hand on his/her shoulder and the other on the outstretched arm making a “circuit”. We are electrical. Ask him to resist as you push down on the indicator arm, it should resist strong (do not push too hard, just enough to find a break). You are not looking for strength just a negative or positive result. Now hold a cell phone or a cigarette to your subjects thymus gland (located above the sternum bone or middle of chest). This negative influence will make the subjects indicator arm weak.

Now you have established your positive and negative, you will be able to test for anything that would be good or bad for your subject.

With this amazing test, you can ask the body if it likes ice cream or if there is an allergy to it. You may use the ice cream in its physical form or just have your subject say “I like ice cream”. The indicator arm will tell you strong if ice cream is compatible or weak if the person has allergies to it. This can be done with anything the person has a question about…including people, jobs, circumstances etc…

Okay this sounds like Voo-Doo or witchcraft, I have heard it all. I am not asking you to believe me. I will only say, do the test yourself and come to your own conclusions. Its fun and amazing!

To understand that we are all electrical and that vibrations and frequencies are real and they influence our physical, spiritual and intellectual state. Understanding this can keep us aware of what we allow in our energy fields. Negativity from a co-workers mouth,  foods that are not healthy, music that is not vibrationally sustaining can affect a persons mood, healing, in general how one functions in life, either on a high happy level or from a low negative place.

Remember a genuine smile can change someones vibration. A smile could even change a life.