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Running your butt off working, shopping and getting the house ready for the “Happy Holiday’s” can leave a person worn out. The kids are rehearsing for the Holiday play or school band recital and you have in-laws coming over for dinner. Oh snap! The work party. How can one rejuvenate and get the energy level up for all that needs to be done?

One way is to CUDDLE! This action (or lack of action) can balance out a persons’ energy and bring life back into its happy place. Forget about the guests that are coming over and the menu planning and just cuddle for a while. Love is the highest vibration and can fix many issues, it can heal a broken heart and many boo-boo’s with just one Cuddle.

Our bodies take a lot of abuse, with consumption of the high carb, coffee, alcohol diet, did I see any greens, protein, vitamins or minerals on that list?…Does a chocolate latte’ frappe’ crape’ count? The answer to that is NO, only if you like to be in a sugar coma. Stop at the grocery store before “Cuddle Time” and pick up three avocados, two tomatos, one vidalia onion and a lemon. Mix ingredients with love, add tortilla chips, movie, couch,or bed, one hunnie, child or cat.

This will be your rejuvenation period, cuddle, rest, laugh and if you have to cry, cry. Get in balance, get back the happy you. I read something today that Dolly Parton said “Don’t be so busy in your success that you forget to have a life” give thanks for life and loved ones that are with us…Keep Warm and CUDDLE.

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