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When you were a child you acted like a child…Now you are all grown up and yes, maybe you still need to act like a child. Not all the time of course, but you need to have the freedom to think and feel like a child. Keep the kid-life force strong and the innocence of laughter alive in your heart. For the most part we all have to be responsible grown-ups, working hard, being a good steward of the money, making rational decisions. Yeah, BORING!
shopping relaxed

Just chillin'

BUT…You can still have the child in you come out to play while keeping a rational head. This attitude will make the holiday’s easier and much funner to get through.

Why should we always be so serious about everything? It’s not fun or healthy for you or people around you. Watch children at play and remember when you used to do the same things, running, jumping, laughing without too much thinking about “What you should be acting like”.

Take out the time to behave like you used to, that child still lives inside you. Just because your skin has stretched over bones that, all of a sudden grew out of your gym shorts, doesn’t mean you have to turn into a cranky old grown-up.

Show your kids or grand-kids you’re not always a drill sergeant, yelling directives and handing out punishments.  Freak ’em out a little show them what you were like as a kid. Don’t scare them by getting kicked out of Wal-Mart for riding a tricycle down the aisles. Keep a smile on your face especially while shopping (this could be challenging). Make it fun, try on all the dumbest hats you can find and take pics of your shopping journey, make memories where ever you go. That’s the key to, not just getting through, but living and enjoying your holidays. No rush! It will be over soon enough

Just Chill…TIP: Let the kids ride in the cart!

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