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Love letters in the sand...

The answer is yes! We have to fake many things till we get to where we want to be. Women can be great at this. Pretending and smiling through the family parties, the in-laws snooty remarks, people you would rather never see, let alone hug and kiss them. Yikes!

The end of the year always brings up mixed emotions and unsettled feelings, bringing us to re-evaluate the last eleven months. This could give one a large case of the blues. Looking at our successes and or failures and how we could have done things better. The blues happen when things get out of balance or when feelings are repressed and we don’t know how to even start to resolve issues…

We can start with being Thankful, not just on Turkey day, it should be an everyday state of mind. You may be sick of your family, your spouse, work has sucked the life out of every cell of your body. Just smile through it and pretend you are already feeling great about the situation until it turns into a manifestation.

Life is not always that bad, we humans have tendency to dramatize everything, it’s the “ALWAYS and NEVER” syndrome. We love to throw it all into the pot, stir it until thick and watch it explode. AHHH! Now doesn’t that feel better? Life is not that bad usually it is our perspective that’s tilted. Your family has some great people in it even though they may be cranky, drunk, and sometimes lazy & crazy. We still love them no matter how much money they borrowed and never returned, or they hurt your feelings at the last Christmas party.

Someone else always has it worse than you remember. You my dear if you are reading this have a great life. I am not minimizing your cross that you are bearing. God knows we all have one on this planet, but people usually don’t mean to offend and hurt one another they are just busy trying to fulfill their own agenda. Agenda meaning: Working to pay their bills, take care of their families, maybe someone is ill or dying they are close to. We cannot take offense to people’s short comings, no one has been perfect this far.

Really it’s about tolerating and maybe we could throw in a little forgiveness. After all it is the reason for the season isn’t it?

Yeah, we all get the blues and it passes like every emotion (energy in motion). Pain seems to be an emotion that is big and strong and rears its ugly head especially during the Holidays. But Love is a bigger energy which covers a multitude of…Sin and pain.

So pretend through those blues until the love comes in and takes over that negative vibration. You will see a different point of view if you soften your lens and see things from that person’s view who has (allegedly) offended you. His/her pain has blinded them, not meaning to hurt or offend you, this is usually the case…

How to do it:

* Take your chill pills. I’m not saying mothers little helpers (Rollin’ Stones) I mean take calcium and magnesium, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Being a good steward of the body will help get through stressful situations, keeps the brain from freakin’ out.

* Don’t drink especially if you have a tendency to drink too much…stay away, far away from the bar! Alcohol is a depressant not a party favor.

* Talk about the issues, even cry through them, that usually relieves the tension. Be Honest!

* Give to someone who is in need. Blues fly right out the window when you lift someone else up!

* Go shopping, in the malls or on the internet www.dropopp.com sooo fun! The smell of cinnamon raises your vibration from sad to happy in one sniff.

* Watch a sad movie or a happy one, getting your e-motions to move does wonders for stagnant feelings. (Energy in Motion).

* Exercise, dancing is fun and you won’t realize you are working out, until the next day.

* Fake it till you make it! Thats why they are cliche’s they are tried and true…tried many times over till they became a rule.

Hope this season finds you all healthy and happy and if not…You know what to do.

Forget the Holiday blues CELEBRATE!