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This month brings us to the hustle & bustle of The Holiday Shopping Fun. Yes, I said fun. I know you are thinking “Are you kiddin’me, fun”?  Keep the fun in your shopping, enjoying the journey and savoring the memories. 

Turn on Holiday music it will take you back to past celebrations of family, love, relatives and friends (okay not all great memories). Instead of “I have to get this shopping done” Make it “I can’t wait to join in all of the fun”. It’s all perspective and what you anticipate. See the good in people and give good, a smile to an elder person or a cup of coffee maybe even lunch. Visit your local hospital, bring cookies or toys to the sick children and take your kids with you.

Life rushes past us so fast, the Holidays will soon be a distant memory. Create moments of Life and love for your family tradition should never be lost.

While you are shopping this monday in the Cyber world, take a peek at the iPad’s price tag on www.dropopp.com. On the flip side of one of the price tags is a crisp $100.00 dollar bill that should help with your gift purchases.

Just sign up and purchase a drop package (only a $buck to start) while you are there check out the other items and our Diaper Drop page for the needy. Winner will receive cash within three business days.