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 You’ve heard of Cowboy-Up, Man-Up, Pony-Up? Well, Monday is Cyber-Up!
It was a wild rodeo this past Black Friday, according to the news, with all of the fighting and people getting hurt over SHOPPING? Okay, somethings wrong if we can’t shop without getting injured physically or assaulted verbally. It’s time to take a look at what is important here. Staying alive during the shopping season is a must, plus how is Santa gonna visit if all the little (Big) boys and girls are fighting over who gets what?
And we tell the children to behave…
Now get back on that shopping horse, open up your Laptop and Cyber-Up! You will be safe and sound shopping at your leisure. There are great deals out there without riding that bucking bronco.
If you shop www.dropopp.com you will find a great deals and be safe!