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I hope this blog finds you all without any bumps, bruises or worse.

As we have seen on the famous You Tube documentary’s, Black Friday can be a dangerous endeavor. To alleviate some of the risks of getting pummeled over an XBox or newest fashion doll, there are kinder gentler ways to shop…Cyber Monday and even before that day you can sit down with your favorite cup of coffee, turn on the holiday music, tinsel your tree and flip open your lap top. Talk about the “HOME SHOPPING” network. Online is safe and fun while you are in the comforts of your own surroundings, plus no long lines and don’t have to bring your boxing gloves.

Please, while shopping anytime be kind to your fellow human being, they are trying get their business done not trying to hurt anyone.

Punch in www.dropopp.com where the prices are knocked down by the community of shoppers and everyone gets a great deal!