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It’s that time of year again, to reflect on what is important and to get a realistic perspective on life. Does it take someone to be sick, dying or some catastophic event for people to appreciate life in its simplest form?

Just breathe and be THANKFUL everyday!

We take for granted that we can scratch an itch when we have one. There are some people so severley handicapped they cannot even reach their own nose to do the easiest of tasks. Just think if you could not turn yourself over in your bed, how excruciateing that would be. Your legs turning numb from being in one position until someone came to turn you. This is not a very fun story but it is a true one from a young girl who has a disease that cannot be cured her everyday life is one of suffering and pain. But she still finds things to laugh and smile about.

life is good


People who suffer are grateful for moments without pain, or when a visitor comes to see them. When their puppy snuggles up beside them. Watching a movie that reminds them of a happier time and place, giving them comfort. All of these things we take for granted.

This Thanksgiving Holiday, and everyday in between, let us remember to be grateful for our…

  • Eyesight, to see the rain dripping from the fall leaves, the indian summer colors the hussle and bussle of our neighbors putting up their lights and decorations. The bright smiles of our loved ones when they come for dinner.
  • Our sense of smell: To enjoy the turkey cooking in the oven and the apple cinnammon spice cakes that mom or grandma made. Moms purfume wafting through the air as she hurries past. Some of our moms are not with us this holiday, but as we cook we remember their recipe’s and the love that was handed down to us and we now pass it on.
  • Hands, that give and recieve through the holiday season and beyond. Helping someone who doesn’t have enough, or painting a picture with a child. These are important tasks to fulfill.
  • Legs: So we can walk and run through the shopping malls, buying gifts for the kids and not to forget the needy little ones….

The Holidays are here… How wonderful to share and be GRATEFUL and count your BLESSINGS!