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I'm ready for my CLOSE -UP!

To all of our guests who didn’t win in November: There are many more $100.00 drawings to come. Dropopp.com is holding more giveaways as the winter holidays approach. Watch this January for the “KID’S VIDEO CONTEST” and WIN $100.00 Cash for best kid’s video. Bring us your cutest funniest, brattiest KIDS Videos to represent dropopp.com’s site. We will be happy to have your kid’s help dropopp.com speak to the community, since the site is a platform for the PEOPLE. Who better to represent then… the LITTLE PEOPLE.

Sunday December 18th is the $100.00 Giveaway for checkin; out the iPad’s price…yes we want you to look at the price, that very action knocks down the prices…You Got it!

GOOD LUCK this Dec. and January @ www.dropopp.com