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Holidays are coming and you know what that means, everywhere you turn is an hors-de-vours table, or you’re invited to have holiday drinks with the co-workers. Remember the Holidays start the day after Halloween. Yep, there is no reprieve from this frenzy unless you just crawl under a rock and get your Scrooge on.

Is that your hunnie at the end of the couch watching the news and eating his favorite snack? Well, grab him and take him for a brisk walk instead of watching reruns of the 5 o’clock news. You can melt off some of those extra potaoes you indulged in and maybe even rekindle those warm fuzzies you once had.

Go the extra mile if not on your walk, kick the exercise up a notch and throw in some yoga before you both head off to work. Balancing your chakras along with quieting your mind saves on the stress factor. These tips will bring the two of you closer and get those bodies in motion and shape.

Enroll in a once a week dance lesson for fun. Exercise happens when you’re not even looking. Dancing will bring a new energy to the relationship, along with toning those saggy spots that crept up on the both of you.

We make appointments for the dentist, our friends and all of the important meetings in our lives. Keep this appointment, the investment will give an abundant return for a lifetime of love, laughter and lots of good living from your healthy bodies If you make an appointment you both will be more apt to keep that time, remember a habit is formed in twenty-one days. Stay focused!

The holidays are full of more stress than usual. Keep that date with hunnie to work off the everyday stressors and you will find your relationship, health, and fun factors will be reaching new heights.

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Happy Holidays with your Hunnie’s