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This Giveaway is easy, you don’t need to put on a silly costume, although you can if you like. Just sign up for www.dropopp.com and one of you will be $100.00 richer! Now it couldn’t get any easier than that, unless we threw hundred-dollar bills off of a truck (that’s not happening).

Yes, everyone who has already joined dropopp.com is in the running for the hundred bucks.

You can fill up your tank and buy some groceries or those HOTT pair of shoes on dropopp.com and still have some left over. Dropopp is the place where you can get cool

stuff for lower than the market price and give a little something for the fun of it. Let us be your place to shop where the prices “DROP”.

Sign up before Monday October 31st to get into the $100.00 Giveaway. Then check your email or your spam box, don’t let $100.00 slip through your hands.

Happy Shopping!