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I was reading one of my favorite bloggers blog’s this morning and wouldn’t you know it, my favorite subject…SHOES (High heels) was the topic. Perfect timing, right before the weekend.

I am a gal after all and what woman doesn’t adore shoes? Our feet would be just naked callused and veiny without them. A foot without a high heel is like a window without curtains, a hand without a manicure you thought I would say glove? blah blah blah, you get the picture.

Well, the Author of “A Little Te’te a Te’te” had dedicated her blog to Jimmy Choo shoes. If you are not acquainted with this line, you better get to know them, life would just be plain ‘ole life without them. Anyway take a look at her blog and pick your favorite heel, come back and I will let you in on the Secret Personality of your shoe style…http://alittleteteatete.com/about/

Back are we? Good if you chose the first shoe with the feathers and purple suede, God bless you sista, you ROCK and are not afraid of anything…Daring spirit lover of parties…You go girl. Try to get home at a decsent hour…Impossible!

If you chose the indian style well, you are probably a lover of the sixties, peace and love to you. Some yoga maybe even with heels on is cool. Do not walk in the outdoor concert mud with these, but YOU would.  Jimmy choo shoes very $ expensive, I suggest you go barefoot.

The third pair down, the animal zebra print knee length boot…YOUTH, YOUTH, YOUTH…But we older gals can ROCK it too. It’s not the number girls, it’s the experience that counts in being a woman. WILD!

The fourth pair is conservative with some sexy maybe Audry Hepburnish like. Not afraid to be funny and sexy. Never stay out too late getting that beauty sleep (Smart).

Innocent and sexy (maybe not that innocent) but sweet and adorable you are. You definitly wear bows in your hair. Never grow up! Rainbows and lollipops forever.

Well, whats your shoe personality? The Shoes tell it all without words. There are always sales on womens shoes,  never buy at the highest price…Thats why there is www.dropopp.com

Happy Weekending!