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Okay, I must have been under a rock that day. I never miss a good reason to say to my man “Hey it’s a Holiday” and a remember “Me” Holiday at that. But this day was not originated for lovers, it was a day for remembering the sick in the hospitals, for the unloved and the lonely.

In 1922 a young man by the name of Herbert Birch Kingston brought orphans and shut-ins candy from the shop where he worked and it started a love tradition in the area.

On the first Sweetestday, a movie star by the name of Anne Pennington gave 2,200 newspaper boys from Cleveland  boxes of candy to say thank you for their service. Maybe she is kin to Ty Pennington from the television show “Home Makeover”.

The important message here is that we should not forget the forgotten and Sweetest day is a reminder for us to remember those less fortunate and they are in every neighborhood.

LOve Thy Neighbor… Candy is nice so is a hamburger and a cup of coffee.

Everyday can be a Sweetest day