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Today is National Taco day! Funny I planned to make Chimi-Changas tonight…close enough.

Remember to keep life fun and exciting. If it starts getting too mundane, look up on the internet calender and find a reason to celebrate. You will be surprised when you see everyday has a special relation to a birthday or special event. Maybe you can make up your own excuse to have a fun day or to celebrate the ones you love. Create a dinner or fun desert, one that says “I appreciate you” on this 4th day of October 2011.

Recipe for Chimi-Changas

Boil one whole (organic) chicken
2 little cans of chilis found in your grocery store
2 cans of (red) enchilada sauce
1 onion, diced
1 tsp of cumin
1 bag of Taco cheese
1 jar of mild-hot (your choice) jalapeno peppers
1 package of tortillas
Oh snap! don’t forget the sour cream!
Let the chicken cool, tear it off the bone till it’s in shreds
put it in a skillet, along with the enchilada sauce, peppers, diced onion, and chilis. Let simmer and add the cumin.

Ahhh! the smell is amazing.

Put the burritos together: Wrap simmered ingredients in the tortilla skin, put in another skillet, with a tsp. of olive oil at med. heat. Add cheese before closing the tortilla wrap. Brown on each side, perfect chicken…Chimy- Changas.

Hey! Margarettas are a nice touch, watch the tequila, it’s just Tuesday.