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Does it sometimes feel like you can’t get passed that hump or reach that level of strength that you know you once had? Whether working out or just doing daily chores something is not right. You used to run and jump, but now you cant even think of walking fast to get through the check out without catching your breath or reading this sentence.

You’ve been to the doctor and recieved a bill of health along with the three hundred dollar bill of hell and you are still hitting a brick wall. What can it be? Well, it could be viral or bacterial infection that the doctors are overlooking, your thyroid or epstien-barr something like low blood iron. These symptoms of feeling tired and drug across the floor can go undetected and the doctor may throw you an antidepressant that may only exsasserbate the problem.

First look at your diet, its the easiest place to look for the energy culprit. Sugars and empty carbs can rob the body of its natural energy sources. Sugar at first gives you a jolt, but later it can run you into the ground, the “Sugar Blues”. Protiens are energy producers, salts (Celtic salt) are important for life and energy keeping the cells hydrated, otherwise we dehydrate from daily sweating. You must replenish minerals for the body to have power and energy.

Make sure you are not having a bout with Epstien Barr yes, its a virus that can attack anyone who has been exposed to Mononucleosis (Which is everyone). This virus is tricky and sometimes hard to detect, ask your doctor to take your blood Titers it will tell if you have the virus. Then have them run the thyroid test, it never tells the truth you have to be very careful and look for symptoms. Like cold extemeties, hair falling out, eyebrows that are fading and depression there are a litany more.

be smart and take your health into your own hands, our bodies belong to us not the doctor he has his own body to worry about plus yours. Help him help you and get informed of how the body works and you will find out why you feel so crappy.

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Happy Healthing