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Green Drinks Give Life!

When I was tired and sick, and sick of being sick and tired, I went to the medical doctor and he said everything was fine, here’s some anti depressants. I threw them right in the garbage after having a bad reaction, serotonin syndrome they call it I call it fire from head to toe. I sought an alternative doctor and he discovered I had low blood sugar, low iron, low brain function (was I dead)? Yeah, I felt like it.

The Hippie doctor (my kids referred to him as) introduced to a product that turned my life around. Biotics Nitro Greens, it gave me the power to get off my duff and get to walking and running after I had been crawling for about two years. I take the stuff every morning, just a heaping tablespoon in apple juice and I m good to go and go you will, in every sense of the word. It is an oxygen builder and a cleanser of the liver, anything green will help detox the liver. Your hair skin and nails will thank you. Your neighbors will wonder why you have on your running shoes at 6am instead of a cup of coffee and the morning paper in your hand.

Change your life and way of thinking take steps to living a healthy happy long life!

you will find Nitro Greens at your local health food store or for a lower price check out