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Every Era has a them attached to it 50’s was the year of the TV dinner and leave it to Beaver household, 60’s, the decade of rebelliousness and Peace, Love down with the establishment. 70’s was Rock and Roll, the 80’s was big hair and hair bands. 2011 is different, the world has changed drastically to a “Watch out, don’t trust anyone, terrorists are everywhere world”. It’s now a fear based way of life which is no good for us humans. We want to be apart of life by giving and not being afraid, it will bring in new energy.

Think about it, in the caveman days the theme was to carry a big club and grow hair all over your body, hunt for your daily food, sleep and do whatever it takes to survive. They must have saved on razors back then. Then there was the Roman Times, get a chariot and raise hell through the streets, wear cool stuff and take over as much as you can. It was the first “Me” generation before the second, third and so on “Me” generations that have since came into existence.

Moving right along into the “Now” of the era’s. The 50’s brought the “Rock and Roll” era. Elvis is still King, the only one that ever ruled in the States. The 60’s brought the hippies and the “Free Love” era, the Vietnam war began and the kids rioted. People cared about one another even if they were stoned, it was the Love, Sex, Drugs era.

Seventies continued the theme and 80’s crept in with Hey everybody makes money and does cocaine, oops! We could have skipped over that, since the money that was made was wasted on drugs. The 90’s brought the Internet and people started staying in and having relationships with their monitors and themselves this became a very selfish time. Money was getting scarce and people got paranoid with good reason. The crash reset people’s way of thinking, they started realizing the wasteful behavior over buying, over trying, over estimating that money would never fail…

Ding Dong, wake up! The Wicked Witch of the west is alive and kickin’ but we, my pretties can squelch out her evilness with Love, kindness and sharing what we have is exactly what she needs. She’s a meanie cuz nobody plays with her, if someone was nice to her and melted that heart of steel she may be a great part of society, instead of riding her broom, scaring young girls and their little dogs.

Extend your hand, time and your money to these people who are in need of someone to show them the way. Even if they are cranky, they are in need of something find out what that may be and fill the need if you have the ability…2011 is the GIVING ERA not just money, people need to have time and love invested into them. We can make a better world if we see a need and meet it. Turning your head is easy but it doesn’t help the situation. This is our planet and it is screaming for a change. If we all address a little problem and take care of something no matter how insignificant it may seem, remember it does matter. We will soon make big changes so we start here and now!

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